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The most addictive game, Candy Crush

Article written by TechNetNews, latest tech & gadget news, reviews and articles King developed the famed puzzle game and introduced on Facebook in April 2012 and more recently many people became addictive to the game once it was introduced for iOS and Android devices in November and December, 2012 respectively. In December 2012 alone, the game has been downloaded by more than ten million. Today it is the most popular game on Facebook with 46 million average monthly users. Candy Crush (browser game) is also called Candy Crush Saga. The video game is based on matching three puzzles. A player needs to match three in a game board filled with different colored candies that one may find obstacles to just doing that. Colored candies include red jelly beans, orange lozenge, yellow lemon drops, green Chiclets, blue lollipop head, and the purple cluster. Gamers can move candy horizontally or vertically swapping positions of two adjacent candies. Need to get three or more same colored candies within the given number of moves or time limit. Players get five lives or can purchase additional from the App Store. Reaching a desired score will get the gamer to the next level. Obstacles include spreading chocolate all over the board, bombs or many others.