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Paperless Printer

Paperless PrinterPaperless Printer This is a printer driver that lets you output data to a choice of output file formats. For example, you can print to a PDF file which can be read by almost any computer user regardless of platform, or you can send the results to a jpg or bmp graphic. This is useful if you want to use the document to be printed as an illustration in a project or report. The ability to output as a doc or XLS le is especially useful - it means you can output web pages and edits them as Word documents, for instance. You can go the other way too, and save any length of document as a collection of HTML files. Long documents are split up into easily navigable individual pages. Among the options there are numerous useful settings for fine-tuning the output. Common to all the formats is that, after 'printing', the files can be sent directly as email attachments or by FTP to a server. There are also options specific to each format, such as navigation for HTML, scaling and resolution for jpeg or encryption and restriction of printing for PDF files. Note that if a PDF file is already set to not allow copy and paste, you cannot use Paperless Printer to convert it to a readable Word document. Abracadabra Tools 2.1 Abracadabra Tools 2.1 is a free collection of plug-ins that makes it easier to use Adobe Acrobat 5 and 6 (it won't work with version 7). It adds new entries to the Tools menu and works under all versions of Windows and Mac OS. Use Integrate to insert the current document or page into a PDF file. Input fields and comments are embedded during this process and are non-editable. The word-count facility, which can be used for the current page or for the whole document, is also useful. Page numbers can be added or removed by clicking twice in the corner of the page. The Identity command enables you to quickly add the author's details to the file header or display them, as well as to alter the basic settings. Under New Document there are 12 templates from A2 to Executive, as well as a wizard for creating new templates. To use the plug-ins, open the zipped PDF file abracadabratools.pdf.zip, which contains the embedded file abracadabratools.js. Export this file to the Java scripts folder within the Acrobat program directory. The Abracadabra tools will then be available from the Tools menu the next time Acrobat is started.