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Using the freeware Tweak PDF 1.33

TweakPDF 1.33TweakPDF 1.33 Using the freeware Tweak PDF 1.33, you can carry out a series of modifications to PDF files after they have been created. Under Initial View Preferences you can, for example, specify whether the menu bar, toolbar and other user interface elements should be hidden or visible in the reader, or whether the document should be scaled to fit the window size. In addition, you can set the page-view layout; for example, one- or two-column or portrait. It's also useful to be able to specify the type and degree of compression, to reduce the file size. The PDF Version option lets you select compatibility with PDF versions up to 1.5. You can also use Tweak PDF to edit document information. The changes are selected with a mouse click and applied when you click the Tweak button. The program works with all versions of Windows. PDF Analyzer 2.5 This program lets you view some important properties of PDF files. It identifies metadata such as the author, creator application, PDF version, and encryption level and creation date. It also shows which user rights are allowed. The information in the Internals menu section is also interesting: from page size and embedded objects, to the color model, compression level, page layout and fonts used. The Pro version, which costs EUR20 (£14 approx), can also be used to edit metadata.