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Windows XP

Windows XPGhent Workgroup plug-ins These 10 plug-ins are free to all registered users of Jaws PDF Creator 3 or later and are suitable for generating PDF files that comply with the specifications of the Ghent PDF Workgroup. They include functions such as a watermark creation wizard and a configuration recorder, which makes a note of the settings, used to generate a PDF and adds them as a note on the first page. The Missing_Font_Abort command prevents a PDF being generated if the fonts can't all be embedded. This protects you from nasty surprises when the document is printed. Further functions such as Xpress.Trim, Trapping and No_Type3_Out-lines are aimed at PDF pre-press professionals. You can find details of the individual plug-ins and installation instructions in the relevant zip files. Go2PDF For quickly generating a PDF file, Go2PDF is useful. You can specify a resolution of up to 2,450dpi, scale the output and adjust the quality using a slider control. Fonts can be easily embedded using drag and drop. PDF generated with this program are only compatible with PDF formats 1.3 and 1.4, but the content can be encrypted at 128bit level. Alteration, commenting, copy and print-protection options can be selected via checkboxes. Go2PDF is not suitable for business use, as the program places a marker in the margin if the file was created with the freeware version.