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How Is Web Based EDI Different From Traditional EDI?

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As a whole, EDI has revolutionized the way retail and business are conducted in the 21st century. Within the history of EDI, there have been several advances and new methods that have sprung up as a response to new technologies and industry needs. In the information age, businesses have found new ways to integrate the Internet into their practices, including their EDI methods.

Many companies have defaulted to using direct or peer-to-peer EDI to exchange data. With this method, businesses must connect directly with their trading partners, which usually means that they must obtain new hardware and software to accommodate each of their partners. This method is very secure, but making sure all your EDI protocols are compatible with your partners can consume time and resources.

If this sounds inefficient to you, web based EDI can greatly simplify the data exchange process. This method uses an Internet browser to convert physical information and documents into a digital format. All you need to do is input your information into the data fields provided by the web based EDI software. If multiple trading partners are using protocols your web based EDI system supports, you won’t need to switch your methods for each of them. This means you can spend more time on more important tasks related to your business.

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