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Getting Started with Colocation

3By Rack Alley Does your company have a website? If you answered no to that question, then go back and make that a priority immediately. You absolutely must have a website these days. That might sound a bit obvious to many of you. What’s less obvious, though, is that you need to pay special attention to the kind of hosting you use for your company’s website. Simply put, this makes a huge difference. As just one example, did you know your site will be punished if it’s too slow? Google will literally lower its ranking based as site load speed is now one of its ranking signals. So you better make sure your hosting allows for nice, fast speeds. This is just one reason Los Angeles colocation has become so popular. Companies like Rack Alley will actually allow you to design your own server. This way, you get the exact speed and features you want. Furthermore, once your server is done being designed, they’ll handle taking care of it for the most part. This means that they’ll store it in their building where you won’t have to worry about security or having IT professionals on hand to help you. The value of colocation is huge. It combines the best options out there to create an incredible hosting package for your unique company. All possbile at whatever budget you set aside for your hosting.