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Useful Outlook Tools extensions

Outlook ToolsOutlook Tools is a useful extension to the PIM application in Microsoft's Office suite. You can use it to look through specified Outlook folders, find and delete duplicate items, such as contacts and appointments that appear more than once. The best feature is automatic telephone number standardization. When you enter them into Outlook, telephone numbers get changed automatically to the standard international format. For example, 44 020 7316 9000 becomes +44 (020) 7316 9000. However, if you dial this number from a PC or a mobile, you'll get an error. Outlook Tools goes through all your contacts and amends the numbers so they can be dialed without problems, for example +44 (20) 7316 9000. Password Recovery Wizard Both Word and Excel documents can be protected with a password. If you lose or forget it, you won't be able to open the document any more. Password 'crackers' can help you get out of the mess, but usually for a high price. The Word/Excel Password Recovery Wizard is an exception: it's free. To recreate the password, the program can use two approaches. The first is to look for the password in a dictionary that contains the correct password. The other method is to systematically work through combinations of upper- and lower-case letters, numbers and other characters until the right combination is found. This does take time, perhaps several days if the password is long enough, but if you're trying to revive an important document you'd probably rather wait a couple of days than rewrite everything.