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Future of cloud based gaming

Article written by TechNetNews, latest tech & gadgets news, reviews and articles The recent failure of OnLive to live up to its expectations creates doubts about the success of cloud based streaming games future. It appears that streaming gaming space is going through a rough patch. Even with more than 50 suppliers on contract for its cloud gaming service, OnLive failed to catchup with gamers. Many think that there are many issues still to overcome. With tablets and smartphones are getting ever more popular, you think the demand for online games should be robust. But it appears that many still prefer to select and play games from a library rather than participating in a live streaming. Sony thinks that it can change this thinking. Last January, it introduced its newest service; Gaikai powered streaming service, which will be available later this year. It is expected to beam catalog game service not only to its PS One, PS2, PS3, and the Vita gamers but also on Sony branded TVs and mobile devices. Some are still skeptical about the process. Many feels that hardware is so advanced that anyone can use to enjoy a gaming experience without any hick ups. Trying a new way of playing games will be sure to pick up slowly.