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Microsoft Kinect for online games

Article written by MobaProject, mobile phone news and reviews Many buy Microsoft Xbox One to play games and Microsoft Kinect comes with the bundle not as an option. Its Xbox Live feature opens up a whole new world of game experience. Wi-Fi is already built into Xbox One and not only you can play games with your friends but also you can enjoy HD movies, TV shows, sports, music and more. If you have used Microsoft Kinect before, you know how convenient it is to log onto a game that you played at home from your friend’s home. The controller free Kinect lets you use full body play responding to your body moves. Kinect is also recognizes your body moves and anticipate your next move. Gamer’s dreams come true with Kinect. However, some gamers as well as non-gamers complain about the Kinect’s voice command feature. Voice commands work haphazardly for many with hit and miss. Some say it has a mind of its own. Is it the accent? Nobody knows. Its embedded technology is expected to recognize your voice regardless of your accent. But many love its entertainment options. It integrates flawlessly with cable TV. It recognizes your touch and will take you back to the game you were playing.