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Xbox One is more than a gaming platform

Article written by Integral Storage, technology news and resources Microsoft’s Xbox One made its debut on November 22, 2013 in the U.S. market with a price tag of $499. Many consider Xbox One is more than a gaming console. It incorporates many of the things that Microsoft has to offer including software and hardware. Among what’s available Windows 8, Hyper-V, SkyDrive, Azure, Bing search, Kinect, Skype app, and SmartGlass are important. It allows many of your devices that you use to watch TV, streaming videos, watch movies on Hulu or Netflix much more convenient. It includes Windows 8 that offers its snap feature making it easier for gamers to switch between many apps. These apps make it easier to switch from a game to Skype or view photo album through SkyDrive or watch a football game. Azure allows gamers to save last 30 seconds of a game play. All these with a simple voice command. The biggest competitor is Sony’s PlayStation 4 with a price tag of $399 which was released a week earlier in North America which sold more than one million consoles within the first 24-hours of release. One year old Wii U that has some of the capabilities is also a distant competitor to Xbox One.